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Logo Designs

Logos I have developed, designed and worked on over the years.

The Trail Steward’s logo designed for the stewardship group at Toronto and Region Conservation (TRCA) for an educational program they were setting up in Malton, Ontario. The logo is designed so that the four elements can be used separatly, indicating a different learning area.

The Cattail logo was originally taken from a paint of mine. The marketing manager at the time thought it was the perfect symbol to represent a joint waterfront project between TRCA and government agencies. After seeing the symbol the restoration services division soon adapted the symbol as their own identifier.

Paper Chef’s logo was design for a consultant of the restaurant industry. Offering food cost control, training, temporary chef coverage, catering and marketing advisor. The logo needed to have a local presence, though would also be global.

Though never used the Girls Night Out logo was designed for a women’s club. What they went with was a clip art style of a standing woman.

The SWAMP logo was design for TRCA’s Storm Water Management Plan. The symbol represents the measurement and tracking of storm water and the effect it has on the environment.

Hidden Habitat logo, design for ecological landscaper who’s looking at bring nature, native plants and biodiversity into home and community gardens as well as restoration of lands that require naturalization.

Wasaga Beach
Short Film


Job: Design a lay-out that can work with 19 other event posters for the Wasaga Beach Short Film Festival.

The design needed to tie into what was done in the past though give a fresh look.


Lucia Crupi Designs

Job: Designed the look, image and brand for a landscape architect.

Through developing an understanding of Lucia and that landscape architect is only one part of her business the other is floral design. Developed a logo that would work for both business ventures. Then taken the design through the creation for the business card and postcard.

Maple Syrup Brochure

Uncle Richard’s Maple Syrup and Supplies

Job: Designed, laid out and edited copy of a two purpose brochure for a client of LearnEasy.

With working with the client developed concept and designed, along with their web site, the look and feel. Created the back ground image, edited copy and clipped, edited and colour corrected the images. Worked with them in photographing the still, bucket and plugs. Their logo was supplied. Taking the brochure to press ready and working with LearnEasy to get the web site up.

Kids Certificate

Building Healthy Ecosystems, Wetlands

Job: Develop a certificate for kids participating in a wetlands program.

Created concept, laid out, edited, clipped, colour corrected photos. Developed and mocked-up the treatment of ‘Building Healthy Ecosystems, Wetlands’ with the tree frog hanging on the lower case “L” Took approved design to press ready and a PDF template to be filled out within Adobe Reader and printed off on an inkjet printer.

HSBC Forest Sign

Canada Forest
for The Living City

Job: Sign design to recognize HSBC for their time, donations and staff tree planting for The Living City champagne.

With working with the client, developed the style of the sign and sourced the photos from the in-house library. Took the GIS map and edited the ortho photos to highlight the Claireville Conservation Area and edited the line and text layers. Prepared the final file (PDF format) for production.

Canada Trail

Duffins Creek Watershed,
Sign and Poster

Job: Sign and poster designed for the section of the Trans Canada Trail that runs through the Duffins Creek Watershed.

With meeting with the client, developed the style of the sign/poster, sourced the photos from the in-house library and edited GIS map and ortho photos to highlight the area the trail will run through and edited the line and text layers. Prepared the final file (PDF format) for production of signs and press ready for the posters.

Annual Report

The Conservation Foundation of
Greater Toronto

Job: Design and lay-out of the 2006 Annual Report for The Conservation Foundation of Greater Toronto. Tying the design in with the previous year and other marketing materials.

Working with my supervisor and the Foundation, Developed the design, the choice of fonts and usage, the placement of photos and edited the map in Adobe Illustrator. Plus, edited and colour corrected the images. Prepared files for press ready.


The Woods

Job: Design and lay-out of the Glen Major Forest/Walker Woods Stewardship Committee newsletter. Developed the header and look of newsletter, tying in elements from the trail map and signage.

Came up with the shorter name for this newsletter, developed the header and the layout of the pages. Plus, edited and colour corrected the photos.

Wetland Sign

Wetland Restoration

Job: Design and lay-out of information signage for the work taking place in the Altona Forest for Toronto and Region Conservation and the Altona Forest Stewardship Committee.

Following the look and feel of other information signs and trail heads that I had designed and develop for the area and the type of park they would be seen in. Took in the colours, the use of text and logo placement that I had established. The photos used were sourced from the in-house library and the Tree Swallow photo was one of mine. Plus, edited and colour corrected the images and prepared files for final production.

Trail Head Signs

The Altona Forest and Walker Woods and Glen Major Forest

Job: Create trail head signs for Toronto and Region Conservation (TRCA) properties, working with staff and their joint stewardship committees.

Developed the look and feel of the trail heads, keeping them different though at the same time having them represent TRCA. The Altona Forest Stewardship committee wanted to address the wildlife and plants that could be found within the area, along with the use of a more aerial map. Whereas the stewardship committee for Walker Woods and Glen Major Forest had more of a need to high light the different trail and their usage that ran though the area. All projects files where prepared for final production.

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